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Salon Me'Chelle is the premier Hair Salon in the Baltimore area. In today’s world, groom and professionalism mean financial gain and social acceptance. Proper maintenance of your hair and appearance is crucial to achieving health and happiness. 


There is self-care and there is professional care. We are concerned with empowering our clientele with the Salon Me'Chelle Philosophy so they understand a healthy head of hair is a life choice not just a hair style.


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Hair Maintanence is not a style it's a life choice

Being well groomed is something you should be concerned about!


The Philosophy Works

Salon Me'Chelle has been in operation since 1974. The first salon of it's kind; A hair maintenance salon. Founded by cosmetologist Wynnona Fountain after she developed the Salon Me'Chelle Hair Maintenance Philosophy. 


The Philosophy was created to prevent and correct damaged hair and scalp due to chemical abuse. For years Ms. Fountain and her team have studied the causes and effects of chemical and cosmetic abuse. Our clients come from all over the country as well as internationally for our exclusive and unique approach the hair care.


We are a full service, appointment only, Hair Maintenance Salon. Our professionals will do what is best for your hair, never reling on or over using chemicals and products. We concentrate on on each clients own unique hair issues. One size dose not fit all when it comes to hair care!

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We offer unparalleled services for all of your hair care needs. Contact us today to see how it feels to treat yourself right.

"What we think, we become"



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